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The San Francisco Bay Area real estate market is unique. It requires a friendly partner that you can not only trust, but who also gives you the added hustle and negotiation for you to win. Faz properties is more than a typical real estate company, we’re your trusted partner who is deeply committed to your success!

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If you are buying or trying to sell your home ask Faz. He helped me with my house and he made it easy.


Bardia F

Bardia F.

San Francisco, CA

29 Friends

18 Reviews


Easy to work with and he will make it happen. Hit up faz to buy or sale. He knows the market and will make it easy for you too.

Aleksandra A

Aleksandra A.

Miami, FL

100 Friends

13 Reviews


As a person under the age of 30 who felt overwhelmed by the costs of buying, I wondered if it could ever be feasible for me and my boyfriend to purchase a property in San Fransisco. Faz Saidy went the extra mile to help me determine my options for home ownership. He truly looks out for his clients, and I highly recommend working with him.